Hotel for dogs "U zoopsychologa"

Located 20 km south-west of Warsaw border Hotel for dogs "U zoopsychologa" provides a lot of care and warmth, plus a professional correction of undesirable behavior with positive methods. The guesthouse is run by a canine psychologist with extensive experience Magdę Pawlak and Zbigniew Mirowski. Currently, the guesthouse for dogs is run by Zbyszek Mirowski.

 Happy dogs come willingly back to our house. They love to play with other dogs, bit sticks, bask in the sun or climb to the summit shelter to be able to look at all of the above. All the time they are surrounded by professional care, we care about their mood and feel free to play. They sleep in special boxes, which are located in a separate timber, heated building. We treat them like family members, are caressed, stroked and cared for. No wonder they stay in the Pension treat like a wonderful holiday spent in the fresh air of the super mates :c).

We invite only gentle dogs that tolerate other dogs and humans. We are interested in a friendly atmosphere, where all the dogs feel comfortable and safe. Every visitor to the pension must be healthy and have a current vaccination, deworming and protection against ticks.

* For obvious reasons we do not accept bitches on heat.

* Dogs suffering from so-called separation anxiety (left alone in the house howling, barking, destroying) also can not accommodate in our pension. We invite you to take advantage of specialized therapy by canine psychologist. Just arrange a home visit.


Our offer includes in addition to recreation and socializing nature of the residence, also slimming, pure science puppies, anti-anxiety therapy, education and training for obedience to the commands (eg. recall, sit, lie down, learning to walk on a leash). We also advise on the choice of adequate food and nutrition. We love dogs and so we try to give them maximum happiness, comfort and comprehensive care.

Our guests, if necessary, would taken care of the eminent and friendly veterinarians from veterinary clinics Vetica in Kajetany Vetica nearby Nadarzyn.

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