To make a reservation at Pension for dogs, please fill out a booking form.
If you already are our regulr' customer, please fill short booking form for regular's.

If you have two dogs, please fill booking form for two dogs.
When you want ask a question without fullfilling the booking form choose Quick question at the right sidebar.
If you query for the term "overnight" (in the next 3 days) please call 516 104 360 (preferably between 11 a.m and 5 p.m).
Before You visit us to view the hotel, please contact us earlier.
During the summer, Christmas and holidays please make reservations well in advance.
Please note that we accept only up to the pension gentle dogs to dogs and people. Also, dogs that are very poorly tolerate loneliness (when they are alone in the house howling, barking, are handled in damage) can not be accommodated because of extreme stress experience staying overnight in an individual box. The same applies to dogs who suffer from claustrophobia.

We welcome friendly dogs to spend unforgettable moments with us!:c)

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