Our canine guests spend maximum time together on a big run. This is a fun time, idling and healthy socialization with gentle dogs. If it is necessary, we divide dogs into smaller groups (such as miniature dogs separately, to avoid the risk of injury during a careless play with larger dogs). They spend a night and meals in individual wooden boxes in a heated wooden building on their comfortable lyings. This gives them the opportunity to rest, comfort and security. In the morning they are released on one hour walk, after which we invite them to the pits for breakfast. After an hour's siesta are released again on the catwalk, and if weather permits, staying together untill dinner. At 6 PM they receive a second meal and after siesta they are released again for evening frolics. At 10 PM we put dogs to sleep. Each guest receives from us during the day a lot of attention, stroking and warm words. We take care of their health and well being. Our priority is making dogs happy.

Our range includes in addition to recreation and socializing nature of the residence, also slimming, pure science puppies, anti-anxiety therapy, education and training for obedience to the commands (eg. recall, sit, lie down, learning to walk on a leash). We also advise on the choice of adequate food and nutrition. We love dogs and so we try to give them maximum happiness, comfort and comprehensive care.

The cost of therapy, correction of undesirable behavior, and training a dog during their stay in the Pension is determined individually.

We transport your dog from and to your house, cost is determined individually.

The fee for the entire stay (less the deposit paid) is payable in cash at the latest when delivery of the dog to the guesthouse. If you want to make sure that you do not run out of space for your dog, make a reservation in advance and make your pledge by bank transfer or cash.

For each of the dogs to be able to devote adequate time and attention, our guest house invites a maximum of 13 dogs.

W ramach tej witryny stosujemy pliki cookies w celu świadczenia Państwu usług na najwyższym poziomie, w tym w sposób dostosowany do indywidualnych potrzeb.