The cost of stay in the Pension depends on dogs size (measured in kg.), Below a detailed price list

Daily rate(If daog stay more than 7 days, from the 8th day 10% discount):

Weight Low season High season
do 45 kg. 50 zł. 65 zł.
pow. 45kg. do 50 kg. 80 zł. 100 zł.

High season

For two dogs of one owner we give a 10% discount.
During Christmas and New Year's Eve, January, February, 26 June - 31 August, prices are higher by 10% (for a stay under 3 days an additional 10%).
For our regular clients we prepare special offers.

Any additional services such as training, therapy, beauty treatments, administration of medication, taking a stroll outside the property, etc., are also payable, are not covered by standard fee for staying at the hotel.
Please bring your dog to the pension before 5 PM, so that the dog could see the surroundings and other dogs before spend the first night at the new location. This will avoid the stress of both the newcomer and the other our guest dogs.

Day is calculated on the time of adoption the dog to the guesthouse. Picking a dog less than eight hours of a new day is counted as half a day. Collection of more than 8 hours after the start of a new day is counted as the whole day.

Intraday stay - we welcome also on a daily stays, without accommodation, from 7:30 AM to 09:00 PM. Cost of stay for eight hours is 30 zł., the booklet for 10 stays 250 zł. (25 zł. per stay). Leaving a dog for over eight hours is an additional cost of 5 zł. When the dog is not picked up until the 09:00 PM , it stays for the night and the cost is calculated for a full day according to the price list.

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