Pricelist  of Hotel for Dogs “U zoopsychologa”

The cost of stay in the Pension depends on dogs size (measured in kg.), Below a detailed price list

Daily rate (If dog stay more than 7 days, from the 8th day discount):

Weight Low season High season
do 45 kg. 50 PLN 55 PLN *
pow. 45kg. do 50 kg. 60 PLN. 65 PLN*

*less then 3 days 65 PLN
*less then 3 days 78 PLN

High season
22.12.2018 – 15.02.2019
20.06.2019 – 15.09.2019

For two dogs of one owner we give a 10% discount.
During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, January, February, 26 June – 31 August, prices are higher by 10% (for a stay under 3 days an additional 10%).
For our regular clients we prepare special offers.
Any additional services such as training, therapy, beauty treatments, administration of medication, taking a stroll outside the property, etc., are also payable, are not covered by standard fee for staying at the hotel.
Please bring your dog to the pension before 5 PM, so that the dog could see the surroundings and other dogs before spend the first night at the new location. This will avoid the stress of both the newcomer and the other our guest dogs.
Day is calculated on the time of adoption the dog to the guesthouse. Picking a dog less than eight hours of a new day is counted as half a day. Collection of more than 8 hours after the start of a new day is counted as the whole day.

Long-term stays

When we plan to leave for a longer period, we can leave a dog in a hotel for dogs and then, of course, we adjust our prices and offer prices with a discount of up to 45%.
There are sometimes situations when we have to take care of a dog and we do not have the opportunity and sometimes desire or do not want to look at the slow dying of our beloved pet. In this case, by going to the opposite we offer a long-term stay, which must be appropriate to fit the needs.

* You can buy additional walks in the forest for 30 PLN for a single or 100 PLN for a package of 4 walks

** Basic care consists in visiting the vet and brief state control and possibly issuing prescriptions.

Any additional veterinary treatments or specialist medicines are paid separately.

All other services not mentioned are additional fees

Additional services of a dog hotel “U zoopsychologa”

Hotel food: 5 PLN / day
Administration of medicines: PLN 2.
Subcutaneous injection: PLN 3.


approx. 30 minutes walk in the forest. The purchased pass is valid for 12 months from the date of the first walk
number of walks price

number of walks price


30 PLN.


110 PLN.


200 PLN.

And for hotel stays, a minimum of 7 days and we recommend:
No. Price description


70 PLN.

Learning how to clean puppies


210 PLN.

Basic obedience


210 PLN.

Sit down, stay still


210 PLN.



400 PLN.



600 PLN.


* stays minimum 14 days or at least 2 times 7 days.

Because dogs run outside and are dirty after a stay, that’s why we offer baths
Dogs up to 15 kg

70 PLN.

Dogs from 16 to 30 kg

80 PLN.

Dogs from 31 to 45 kg

90 PLN.

Clipping the claws
do 15 kg

20 PLN.

od 16- 30 kg

25 PLN.

od 31- 45 kg

30 PLN.


If necessary, we can also eliminate unwanted behavior. Please describe the problem in the information about the dog. Individual pricing.

Alternatively, if there is such a need, we can take care of and perform simple procedures such as castration / sterilization at the vet. Individual pricing.

We also bring and bring the dog to the hotel and home. Valuation based on distance. Price for a distance of 2 PLN.


The fee for the entire stay (less the deposit paid) is payable in cash at the latest when delivery of the dog to the guesthouse. If you want to make sure that you do not run out of space for your dog, make a reservation in advance and make your pledge by bank transfer or cash.